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Instructions for Selection of the Coordinators of 1998, Issued Subject to Article (28) of Government Public Works By-law, No. (71) of 1986 As Amended.

Article (1):      These Instructions shall be cited (Instruction of the Selection of Coordinators of 1998, and shall into effect as of the date of publication in the Official Gazette).
Article (2):      The following words and phrases shall have the meaning ascribed in the Instructions hereunder unless the otherwise indicated by context:
Ministry:         Ministry of Public Works and Housing
Minister:         Minister of Public Works and Housing
Department:  Any Ministry, Department, Council, Authority or Public Government Organization
Tenders Department: The Government Tenders Department (GTD) created by virtue of the provisions of Public Works By-law No. (71) of 1986 as amended.
Director:          Director-General of Government Tenders Department.
Coordinator:        Person approved as a coordinator to coordinate between the contractual parties in Public Works and Technical Services contracts by virtue of the instructions herein.
The Committee:       The committee created by virtue of Public Works By-law No. (71) of 1986 as amended, Article No. (28) to select the coordinators, prepare lists of their names and appoint coordinators whenever required by the Employer or the Contractor.
Article (3):      Coordinators shall be selected in the following fields:-
A - Construction Procurement Contracts (technical services and works).
B - Any other contracts approved by the Minister based on the recommendation of the Director.
Article (4):     
1-   The Director shall present a list of persons considered qualified to at its sole discern to work as coordinators to the Qualification Committee whenever required in order to be approved by the Committee as coordinators.
2-   The Coordinators shall be reviewed annually in view of their performance.
3-   The Principles of Qualification include the following:
A.     The Coordinator should have already received its first bachelor's degree in Engineering and practiced the profession for a period not less than twenty years in fields Engineering, Construction and Technical Services Contracts.
B.      The Coordinator should not have any direct or indirect relationship or interest in contrast with his job as a coordinator.
C.     The Coordinator should not have any direct or indirect interest in the contract assigned to it as a coordinator.
D.     The Contractor should have a suitable headquarter.
4-      The Coordinator should have be in the highest degrees of truthfulness and honesty throughout the previous and incoming work periods, has not been convicted in a crime or misdemeanor (rather than political) against honor and public morals.
5-      The Committee shall define the duties of the Coordinator and fees for each project independently, taking to consideration the type, volume and place of works.
6-      The Director may, its sole discretion, offer the subject of deletion of a coordinator from Coordinators Lists to the Committee in case of negligence of works executed by the Coordinator or if the Coordinator took wrong or imperfect measures or deeds. However, the Committee shall review the subject whereby the appropriate decision shall be issued thereto.
7-      The selection or appointment of coordinators shall not be allowed unless by virtue of Public Works By-law No. (71) of 1986 as amended and in accordance with what is ascribed in these Instructions as for contracts entered into by virtue of the By-law thereto or any other procurement by-law (public works or technical services) of any other department.
Article (5):     
A.      The decisions of Coordinators Selection Committee shall be reported to the Minister for Approval.
B.     The Minister may, based on Director's recommendation, grant financial rewards to Coordinators Selection Committee members and secretary whereby the amount of this rewards and payment method.
C.     The Committee shall, periodically (every six months) issue a list of coordinators names.
D.      Coordinators must always update their addresses and let the Government Tenders Department informed about any changes therein.
E.      The Committee is entitled to review all coordination cases wherein the Coordinator worked.
F.      The Coordinator may send copies of all contracts wherein the Coordinator worked and annual statement for contracts assigned to it as a coordinator to Government Tenders Department.


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