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Instructions for Contractor Classification of 2007, Issued Subject to Article No. (23) of Public Works Bylaw No. (71) Of 1986 as amended 


Article (1) - These Instructions shall be cited (Instructions for Contractor Classification of 2007) and shall come into effect as of the date of its publication in the Official Gazette without prejudice to the applicable laws and by-laws in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Article (2) - The following words and phrases shall have the meaning ascribed in the Instructions hereunder unless the otherwise indicated by context.
By-law:              Public Works By-law No. 71 of 1986 as amended or replaced by other by-law thereupon
Ministry:           Ministry of Public Works and Housing
Minister:           Minister of Public Works and Housing
Director:           Director-General of the Government Tenders Department.
Committee:        The Contractor Classification Committee of the first five grades as per Section (B) of Article (23) of the Bylaw.
Engineer:            Engineer associated to Jordanian Engineers Association in one of the following specializations: {Civil, Architecture, Electric, Mechanic, Industrial (Management), Chemical, Mining (minerals)}
Appendix No. 1:        Includes definitions of the types of contracting works and considered an integral part of the Instructions herein.
Appendix No. 2:         Includes definitions of the classification requirements and considered an integral part of the Instructions herein.
Appendix No. 3:          Includes terms and requirements of project documentation in the Jordanian Engineers Association.
Article (3) Contractors shall be classified in six grades: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth. However, each grade of the first five grades deemed high-classification grade.                     
Article (4)  
A.      The Cabinet, pursuant to Minister's recommendation shall form a committee for classification of contractors from the first five grades, to be composed of twelve members wherein the Director is the Chairman of this committee.
B.      A Committee meeting shall be held whenever required by an invitation from the Chairman whereby the meeting shall be legal by the attendance of seven committee members minimally includes the Chairman thereto.  However, the decisions shall be taken unanimously or by the majority of six votes of present members. I case of a tie; the Chairman of the Committee shall have a casting vote. In addition, the Committee may seek assistance from experts or professionals whenever there experience is required in those matters related to the duties thereto without any voting rights of decisions thereto.
C.      The Committee shall undertake the following tasks:-
1-       Review the applications of classification of contactors and identify the validity of certificates and documents submitted therein as well as to report its recommendations to the Minister.
2-       Modify these Instructions and appendices whenever required and to report recommendations to the Minister.
Article (5)
  A. Construction works shall be classified for contractors' classification purposes to the following fields:
       1 - Roads
       2 - Buildings
       3 – Electro-mechanics
       4 - Water and Wastewater
       5 - Other
B - The subordinate specializations included in such fields of works ascribed in Section (A)herein shall be identified and defined as per specified in Appendix No. 1.
Article (6)
A.      Contractors shall be classified in the first five grades and in a specific field or specialization by virtue of by the Minister decision as per Committee recommendations.
B.      The decision of classification shall in full force and effect for the first five categories for three years as of April 1st of classification year and ended on March 31st  of the third year. In case of classification is made at any time after the date of the commencement of classification; it shall be expired at the end of classification period.
C.      The Contractor who is classified in the first year of classification period may be given an extension of the classification certificate for the coming two years therein provided that the following documents are submitted provided that all documents are valid for the year of classis faction.
1-         Vocational License.
2-         A certificate indicating the payment fees due for the Jordanian Constructions Contractors Association to date.
3-          Recent registration certificates for its engineers, issued by the Jordan Engineers Association in addition to a copy of Letter of Appointment or the employment contract signed with the Engineer.
4-          Any modifications occur in their owned vehicles list.
5-          Up-to-date Certificate of Registration issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
6-       In addition to the abovementioned; contractors classified in the first three grades are required to:
-        Submit General balance sheet approved by a certified audit firm for the year preceding classification year.


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