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Instructions For the Implementation National Building Codes in Design, Execution, Supervision, Maintenance, Operation Stages, Public Safety Works and all Engineering Works Related Thereof

Issued by the National Building Council by virtue of Section (G) of Article (5) of the Jordanian National Building Law No. (7) of 1993 as amended

Article 1  
These instructions shall be cited " Instructions For the Implementation National Building Codes in Design, Execution, Supervision, Maintenance, Operation Stages, Public Safety Works and all Engineering Works Related Thereof /2004", and come into force as of  the date of publication in the Official Gazette 1/1/2005.  
Article 2  
The following words and phrases shall have the meaning ascribed in this Law hereunder unless otherwise indicated by context.  
Council      :  The Jordanian National Building Council created under the Jordanian National Construction Law No. (7) of 1993 as amended.  
Association:  The Jordanian Engineers Association.
Article 3  
The provisions of these instructions shall be applicable to construction works established in the Kingdom except works that were established, initiated or licensed prior to the enforcement thereof.
Article 4    
Technical Instructions issued by the Association and the amendments thereupon or instructions replace thereof shall be approved, and shall be considered an integral part of these instructions and read along thereto where the phrase "the Jordanian National Construction Law No. (19) for 2003" wherever appears in the Instructions shall be replaced with the phrase "Jordanian National Construction Law No. (7) of 1993 as amended ", and the following shall be added to thereto:  
(A)   General Instructions:  
The Owner shall sign (the Employer), or whoever authorized in writing, engineering service contracts and undertake not to make any modification to the engineering drawings without reference to the Engineering Office with full compliance with the Codes issued by the Jordanian National Building Council, the provisions of the Jordanian National Construction Law No. (7) of 1993as amended, and Engineering Offices and Companies By-law No. 2 of 1985 as amended.  
(B) The minimum requirements for construction plans:  
All design parties shall add the phrase "Design has been made in accordance with approved codes" under the signature of all architectural, electrical, or mechanical specialists.  
(C) Review drawings in the Association:  
Procedures of review drawings in the Association shall be as follows:  
The Design Agency shall provide one copy for the Association Review Department that meets all the requirements required for approval and ratification, and the phrase "Designed in accordance with Codes" shall be added under the name of each designer according to the competence thereof.   The technical section in the Association undertakes technical auditing of the submitted engineering drawings and ensures their compliance with the approved codes.
As per the specialization, each reviewer shall review its own drawings. Once the submitted version approved, the required copies of the engineering drawings shall be submitted whereby stamped by a special stamp holds the name of each reviewer, competence thereof and stamped with the phrase "The drawings meet codes related to this specialization". However, such copy as well as all copies of drawings thereby shall be signed.
Once the reviewers complete their work and the drawings are sealed with their own stamps; the Association, shall seal the drawings with another stamp holds the name of the Association along with the phrase "Drawings meet the approved codes". In addition, the design agency itself shall bear the civil, legal and professional responsibility in case of making any amendment to the attested engineering drawings.
Any fundamental modification on the engineering drawings affects drawings applicable bylaws may not be made; unless being compatible with the required technical requirements mentioned in the Jordanian National Building Codes and approved in accordance with the procedures described hereinabove provided the executive drawings shall be set out thereinafter at the end of the project according to the amended drawings.
(D) Supervision Works:  
The Employer shall not commence the execution of any project unless by referring and reporting to the supervision party (the supervisor engineering office or related authorized parties) in writing the intention to commence the project within a period of two weeks at least prior to the time determined for the commencement of the project. In addition, the name of the Contractor which the project execution is agreed thereof shall be provided and a copy of the employer's letter shall be filed to the Association.  
The supervision party, after being reported in writing by the Employer with the project execution date; shall assign a resident on-site engineer for projects more than 500 m2 area.  If the project area is (500) m2 or less; the execution thereby shall be initiated under Supervision Committee control and technical bodies thereof.  
If the Employer did not notify the supervision party with the project execution in writing, and execution thereby commenced without supervision, the project owner shall solely bear the complete civil and legal responsibility. However, licensing bodies shall confirm the following up thereof.  
e.   Engineering Supervision and Administration:  
Special office on-site shall be provided for the Supervision Board. In addition, a filing cabinet shall be provided to keep the following files and documents therein:  
-        Copies of all drawings with construction permit.  
-        Daily and monthly reports.  
-        Periodic meetings.  
-        Statements of visits for the Contractor and supporting Engineering Office.  
-        Laboratory Tests.  
-        Correspondence exchanged between the Resident Engineer and the Contractor.  
-        Receipt forms of the building (Project) elements.
   If the Employer did not comply with the Instructions of the Engineering Office, or violated relevant laws and bylaws; the Association Instructions and these instructions, the engineering office thereby shall notify Association such violations in writing in order to inform the competent licensing body requesting cessation of the project works until such violation eliminated and rectify the situation.  
   If the Engineering Office does not report any violation, and there was a violation, the Engineering Office shall completely undertake the civil, legal and professional responsibilities due to the occurrence of the violation and consequences thereof, whenever violation has not been reported.  
   The Association, via its Supervision Department, to the best of its abilities, shall visit all in-progress projects intensively to ensure compliance with the abovementioned provisions, and it shall have the right to assign resident engineers for the projects in-progress at the expense of the Employer in case of failure to do so.  
(F) Certificate of Conformity:  
The Certificate of Conformity Form enclosed with association Instructions shall be approved, provided the registration number of the Contractor at Jordanians Construction Contractors Association is added.
(G) Application of Codes:  
    All licensing authorities shall comply with the following:  
  Handle all correspondence issued by the Association for the licensing authorities immediately, especially those related to the violations of construction works and the Resident Engineer in such cases they whereby report that the Employer is not adhered to engineering drawings, or otherwise execution without a resident engineer or without notifying the supervising office of the project execution.  
   Suspend any license by Sketches, which is the standard procedure followed in municipalities for now, due to its contradiction with the efforts made to upgrade the level engineering works and strict commitment with the Jordanian National Construction Law and its amendments No. (7) of 1993, and responsibility undertaken therein by the municipalities.  
Existing buildings shall not be licensed unless engineering drawings, laboratory tests from specialized agencies to ensure their structural integrity by specialized authority, payment of the prescribed fees, are provided.  
Article (5):  
   Authorities/ regulatory bodies (licensing authorities), when licensing premises and facilities, shall commit with the following:
   No establishment of any buildings or facilities unless obtaining a license from the competent authority.  
  No building, facility or construction works shall be licensed unless by engineering drawings attested by the Engineers Association (without prejudice to the responsibility of the Design Agency), attested by the name of the design engineering office and meet the technical principles and requirements contained in the approved Jordanian National Building Codes . In addition, such drawings must have been issued by a duly authorized design agency or via engineering office registered at the Jordanian Engineers Association, signed by the competent design engineers according to their specialty and accredited by the Jordanian Engineers Association.  
  Verify Engineers Association and the competent regulatory committees' approval for the amended engineering drawings prior to initiating work in such amendments, provided these amendments are consistent with the Jordanian National Building Codes requirements.
  A certified copy of construction and supervision contracts shall be enclosed with License Application or otherwise to pay a refundable insurance amount to be determined by the licensing authorities whenever construction contract is not exist, and until this contract is insured.
The Employer shall submit a request to the licensing authority accompanied by  the Construction Contract prior to the commencement of the project. However, excavation works shall be included. In addition, the supervision authority shall be notified where the written approval shall be kept on-sit. The Employer shall not commence the project prior to obtaining a license from the competent authorities/regulatory body.
Article (6):  
Follow-up supervision works of the engineering projects to verify the availability of the supervising authority, a contractor  registered in the Jordanians Construction Contractors Association, daily reports,  laboratory tests in the implementation of Jordanian Engineers Association and the Jordanians Construction Contractors Association laws and regulation of Engineering Offices and Companies Bylaw as per the procedures set forth here-in-below.  However, the necessary legal procedures in this regard shall be taken.     
The project owner or the contractor shall commit to put in place a sign at the project site before commencing the project includes the following:  
o Project Name  
o Project Owner Name ( the Owner )  
o Design Engineering Office Name.  
o Contractor Name and  Registration No.
o Supervisor Office's and Resident Engineer Names  
o License No and Date.  
o Lot  and Parcel Nos.
The Supervising Office and / or the Contractor shall be committed to keep a copy of the licensing drawings on-site, the daily reports about workflow and copies of laboratory tests conducted on the materials used in works where a follow-up shall be done by the Jordanian Engineers Association and / or the licensing authority or any other agency entitled to do so.
Whenever any violation detected, the related associations (engineers, construction contractors) shall be reported, which in turn ensures the occurrence of the violation and shall inform the licensing authorities therein.  
When the licensing authority is informed that the existence of a violation of law, the following information shall be stated :  
o Lot and Parcel No.  
o License No.  
o Violating Party  
o Type of Violation
o Action Required
o The time needed to rectify the violation
During three days as of notification date, the concerned authority or whom authorized thereof, shall issue an executive notification to rectify the violation within the specified period. However, upon rectifying the violation; the violator shall notify the Association, which in turn shall assure that and inform the licensing authority to suspend procedures.  
Subject to procedures set forth in the provisions of Article (38) of Urban and Rural Zoning and
Building Law No 79 of 1966 as amended; the penalties ascribed in the Jordanian National Construction Law No. (7) of 1993 as amended and instructions issued thereupon shall be applied on the violator.
Article (7):  
The Regulatory Committees in the Greater Amman Municipality, the municipals and relevant government authorities shall not issue construction works permits for buildings or facilities within municipal areas and other areas unless a certificate of conformity issued by the supervising Engineering Office and certified by the Engineers Association is enclosed therewith.
Obtaining the approval of the General Directorate of Jordan Civil Defence (JDC) is required prior to granting work permit, and according to the applicable buildings regulation of the Greater Amman Municipality, other municipalities and official authorities related to engineering projects that require such approval.  
In case Engineering Offices or Contractor repeats the violation to the license granted, the Engineers Association and / or Construction Contractors Association shall undertake legal procedures in accordance with the applicable laws, bylaws and instructions.
Article (8):  
    Government Departments , Government Authorities , Municipalities, Public & Private Shareholding Companies, Jordanian Engineers Association, Jordanian Construction Contractors Association, Engineering Offices Authority; should comply in construction works with the certified codes in accordance with the Law and these instructions and shall undertake the necessary proceedings to this purpose.   In addition, all shall be fully adhered to the implementation of the provisions of Article (11) of the Jordanian National Construction Law and as No. (7) of 1993 as amended.  
Article (9)  
Engineering offices and companies, construction contractors in addition to whoever undertakes construction works shall be adhered to the certified codes of design, supervision, execution or maintenance of these works. However, any of them shall inform the relevant Association of any violation against these codes if detected. Thereupon, the Association shall verify the occurrence of such violation and report relevant regulatory authorities thereof, in full compliance with the provisions of Article (12) of the Jordanian National Building Law No. (7) of 1993 as amended
Moreover, in case of violation thereof the provisions of Article (13) of the aforesaid law shall apply.  


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