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Qualification Instructions for Engineering Offices of 2006 As Amended
Issued Subject to Article (4) of Government Public Works By-law
No. 71 of 1986 as amended
Qualification Instructions for Engineering Offices of 2006 As Amended
Issued Subject to Article (4) of Government Public Works By-law
No. 71 of 1986 as amended
Article (1) - These Instructions shall be cited (Qualification Instructions for Engineering Offices of 2006)  and shall come into effect as of the date of publication in the Official Gazette.
Article (2) - The following words and phrases shall have the meaning ascribed in the Instructions hereunder unless the otherwise indicated by context.
Ministry: The Ministry of Public Works and Housing
Minister:  The Minister of Public Works and Housing
Director:  The Director-General of the Government Tenders Department (GTD).
The Department: The Government Tenders Department
Engineering Services:       Studies, designs, tenders documents, sketches, engineering specifications for works and projects, supervision of the execution and operation thereof, in addition to all required instruments, materials, accessories and works including laboratory and field investigations, surveying works and any engineering consulting regarding works.
Engineering Office:  Any natural or legal person who is classified in the Jordanian Engineers Association in accordance with Engineering Offices and Companies and provides engineering services or any registered consortium among anyone of them.
Specialization:  Engineering works practiced by the engineering office in one of main engineering sections or branches thereof and registered in the Jordanian Engineering Association.
Qualification:   The general evaluation in the areas of specialization in accordance with rules, conditions and the applicable instructions of the Department for the purpose of participation in government tenders of engineering service.
Qualification Committee: The Committee established by virtue of Qualification Instructions for Engineering Offices issued subject to by virtue of Article Public Works By-law No. (71) of 1986 whereby engineering offices shall be qualified in accordance with the applicable instructions of the Department.
Article (3)
The Minister shall create a committee for qualification of local engineering offices to provide engineering services as a general qualification. The Minister, however, shall designate committee members, areas of work on a recommendation of the Director. In addition, the work period of the Committee shall be one year.  The decisions shall be taken unanimously or by the majority of votes of present members while the legal quorum is whenever the number of the attendants more than a half of members number.
B - The Director shall preside the Qualification Committee.
C - Committee decisions shall be reported to the Minister for ratification.
D - The Minister may, based on Director's recommendation, grant financial rewards to the Qualification Committee members and rapporteur.
    E - The Qualification Committee may seek assistance from experts and technicians in such matters related to the qualification of engineering offices and the Minister may, based on Director's recommendation, grant appropriate financial rewards for duties assigned thereof.
Article (4)  
A - An announcement shall be published in the local newspapers by the Department for engineering offices willing to be qualified.
B - Requests for Qualification (RFQ) for engineering offices shall be received  as of the middle of September until the middle of October annually.
C - The engineering office which submit for qualification should provide the following documents:
1 -  Fill out the application forms.
2 -  Recent statement from the Jordanian Engineers Association including names of engineers who are working for the Engineering Office.
3 - Recent statement from the Social Security Corporation including names of the technical board required to be qualified.
4 -  The Curricula Vitae and Experience Certificates of the technical board who are working for the Engineering Office.
5 -  Recent Registration Certificate of the Company issued by the Companies General Controller including the current partners in the Engineering Office.
6 -  Recent certificate of the Commercial Name in the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
7 -  Valid Vocational License.
8 -  Electronic copy includes all of the abovementioned documents.
9 -  * Valid Certificate for Professional Liability Insurance.
D - The qualification principles include engineering office specializations, performance, technical cadres, experience in the required area of specialization, equipment and capacities as shown in Appendices No. (1, 2 and 3) of this Instructions.
E -  The Qualification Committee may, at any time, visit the Engineering Office and verify its commitment for providing such requirements whereby qualification made thereupon and shall have the right to review the qualification of the Engineering Office and qualification grade thereof.
F - Merely, the availability of requirements in the Engineering Office is not considered a promotion right for the Engineering Office. However, the Committee shall consider the promotion of the Engineering Office in view of all of the standards set forth in this Instructions and to what is deemed satisfactory thereto.
G - Qualification decisions shall be announced on the Department Bulletin Board as well as such offices whom the Committee did not approve their promotion shall be notified in writing where engineering offices shall be given thirty days for objection against Committee's decisions as of notification or reporting date.
H - Qualification shall be on an annual basis, resubmission shall be made with all of the enclosed documents of the Engineering Office once the Qualification Committee makes the appropriate decision.
*  Amended Instructions for the Qualification Instructions No. (1/2010) and published in the Official Gazette in Vol. No. 5047 dated 16/8/2010.
I -  Reevaluation of qualified offices shall be reviewed in view of the following:
1 -  Engineering Office performance, level of  engineering services provided.
2 -  Changes in senior engineers and other technical cadres.
3 -  Volume and Excellency of projects.
4 - To what extent the Engineering Office is keeping up with development of way of providing engineering services in terms of continuous training of the senior specialists and other technical cadres in addition to using the modern methods including software and devices.
F -  The Engineering Office shall notify the Department with any changes or amendments occurs within senior engineers and other cadres within a month as of such a change or modification takes place.
 Article (5) -
The Qualification for Engineering Offices shall be made within the following areas of specialization:-

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