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اعلان طرح عطاءات التنفيذ لمدارس المسار السريع KFW

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School Construction Programme (SCP)

Funded by the European Union, through the EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis, the EU Madad Fund


Invitation to Tender

Tender Numbers:




The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has received a grant from the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis (EUTF) in order to support the construction of schools in Jordan. KfW has the responsibility for the implementation of the Programme. The Programme´s objective is to support Ministry of Education (MoE) in response to the needs of children and youth affected by the Syrian Crisis, in line with the objective “Expanding Access to Formal Education in Host Communities” of the Jordan Response Plan. Part of this grant will be used for the construction of 4 new schools as shown in below packages.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH) in the quality of “Employer” through the Special Tendering Committee (STC) hereby invites Local and International contractors to participate in this tender as follows:

  1. Jordanian contractors classified by (GTD) as first or Second grade in the field of Buildings (Building Construction), and they also have a classification in the Electro-Mechanical & Renewable Energy as first or Second grade, specialized Electro-Mechanical & Renewable Energy.


  1. Jordanian contractors classified by (GTD) as first or Second grade in the field of Buildings (Building Construction), in joint venture with local contractor classified by (GTD) in the field of Electro-Mechanical & Renewable Energy, specialized in Electro-Mechanical & Renewable Energy as first or Second grade. A participation of more than two companies is not allowed for the bid.


  1. International contracting companies with the same classification mentioned above, they must form Joint Ventures with local contractors, and must provide evidence that their own classification in their original countries is equivalent to GTD classification.

- JV members shall provide a preliminary JV agreement form signed by both parties.

- The lead member of any JV must be a local contractor, and must be in the specialty of building construction

- In the case of joint venture between two contractors having the same classification as in clause (a) above, one of the contractors should nominate himself as a “Building Contractor” (the leader of the joint venture) and the other as an “Electro-Mechanical Contractor”.

- The maximum number of companies within a Joint venture being two. JV members shall provide a preliminary JV agreement form signed by both parties.

- Bidding will be conducted by means of National Competitive Bidding procedure however, International Bidders shall not be excluded from participation and according to a qualification procedure, as detailed in the KfW Guidelines for the Procurement of Consulting Services, Works, Plants, Goods a Non-Consulting Services in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries (“KfW Guidelines 2019”[1]).

1- Description of the Main Works: The project consists of construction of new schools including classrooms, laboratories, kindergarten, multipurpose hall, mechanical, electrical, water and sewerage installations, photovoltaic Net-Zero system, etc. and site works for the school packages as shown in the Tender Documents. The schools are:

Package 1/SCP/2020:

    1. School No: 1 – Al Nahda Secondary Mixed School – Ramtha (coordinates: 32.561129, 35.993439)

The project consists of a 1 basement and 3 floors building with a total approximate area of 5,704 m2 in addition to the site works as deemed in the drawings and BoQ.

Package 2/SCP/2020:

    1. School No: 2 – Howwara Secondary Mixed School – Irbid (coordinates: 32.523649, 35.910444)

The project consists of 3 floors building with a total approximate area of 4,015 m2 in addition to the site works as deemed in the specifications, drawings and BoQs.

    1. School No: 17 – Hakama Secondary Mixed School – Irbid (coordinates: 32.590325, 35.877480)

The project consists of 4 floors building with a total approximate area of 5,237 m2 in addition to the site works as deemed in the specifications, drawings and BoQs.

Package 3/SCP/2020:

    1. School No: 18 – Hai Al Dobbat Secondary Mixed School – Al Mafraq (coordinates: 32.346557, 36.208547)


School Name


Site Visits

Date & Time

Non-refundable Fees for purchasing Bid (JOD)

Amount of Bid Security (JOD)

Submission Date & Time


Al Nahda Secondary Mixed School


Wednesday 24th March 2021 at 12.35 hours



11.00 hours Sunday 25th April 2021


Howwara Secondary Mixed School


Wednesday 24th  March 2021 at 10.20 hours



11.00 hours Monday 26th April 2021

Hakama Secondary Mixed School


Wednesday 24th  March 2021 at 11.30 hours

11.00 hours Monday 26tth April 2021


Hai al Dobbat   Secondary Mixed School


Wednesday 24th  March 2021 at 14.00 hours



11.00 hours Tuesday 27th April 2021

The project consists of 3 floors building with a total approximate area of 5,388 m2 in addition to the site works as deemed in the specifications, drawings and BoQs

2- Purchase of Documents: Tender Documents can be purchased in cash only at the address below starting from Wednesday 10th March 2021, for a non-refundable fee shown in above table by the Bidder’s authorized representative with a certified and valid copy of its classification certificate and a copy of the invitation letter.

Ministry of Public Works and Housing

5th Floor – SCP Tenders Hall, Room No. 521 (B wing)

SCP – Special Tendering Committee

8th Circle – King Abdallah II Street – Amman, Jordan

Tel.: (962-6) 585-8311/2509

Email: KfW.special@mpwh.gov.jo

Website: www.mpwh.gov.jo

The last day for purchasing the documents is on Sunday 21st March at 12.30 hours Jordanian local time.

3- Site Visits: Site visits for Bidders that purchase the Tender Documents are scheduled as per the table above. Bidders shall meet at Qasabat Irbid Directorate offices at 10.00 hours for Howwara and Hakama Schools, at Ramtha Directorate offices at 12.30 hours for Al Nahda School and at Qasabat Al Mafraq Directorate offices at 13.45 hours for Hai Al Dobbat School.  Bidders have to conduct the full inspection of the sites at their own time and cost. All bidders should coordinate with Eng. Khaled Al Okoush at MPWH (Tel. 079 559 7396).

4- Pre-Bid Meeting: A Pre-Bid Meeting – inquiries and clarifications session will be held at MPWH at 10:00 a.m. Jordan local time at the above address on Sunday 28th March 2021. Bidders may be requested to participate remotely. Details on how to participate remotely will be provided to all Bidders purchasing Tender Documents.

All Bidders that purchased the Tender Documents are strongly encouraged to participate. Raised inquiries during the Pre-bid Meeting and their clarifications will be included in the minutes of the meeting and distributed to all Tenderers as an addendum.

5- Inquiries: Any inquiry regarding the Tender Documents shall be addressed in writing to the chairman of the Special Tendering Committee delivered by hand or by e-mail to the above address no later than Sunday 4th April 2021 by 15.30 hours. Responses to inquiries will be issued on the website of MPWH.

No inquiries will be responded to after the said date. Written responses will be issued on above mentioned website, and the bidders bear full responsibility to be informed on all issued addenda. By submitting the bid, Bidder acknowledges having reviewed the relevant website and is aware of the contents of the tender documents including all issued addenda.

6- Bid Security: All Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security, where bid and security shall be valid for 120 days from the submission date. This Bid Security shall be in the form of an unconditional bank guarantee in original form to the name of H.E. Minister of Public Works and Housing in addition to his post in the amount specified in the table above.

If a Bidder wants to bid for more than one package, it shall be sufficient to provide one bid guarantee for the amount of the highest Bid security of the Packages he is bidding for. The original bid security shall be provided in Envelope 1 of the first Package, with copies of the same provided in the submittal of the other packages he is bidding for but will only be awarded one Package Awarding of the three contracts shall be in accordance with the harmonic equation (معادلة توفيقية) to ensure the Employer’s best interest. Any Bid not accompanied by an enforceable Bid Security will be rejected by the STC. Certified checks shall not be accepted.

7- Submittal of Bids: The Documents to be submitted are as follows:

One original and one copy as well as one soft copy (PDF) of all the documents shall be submitted.

Bids shall be submitted as one sealed package consisting of the following sealed envelopes:

- Envelope 1: Original Bid Security or copy of the same in case of submitting bids for more than one package

- Envelope 2: Qualification Documents.

- Envelope 3: Technical Proposal.

- Envelope 4: Financial Proposal.

All four envelopes must be sealed and inserted within the main package. Every envelope within the package shall be clearly marked with the number and name of the envelope followed by the name and number of the tender assignment, and the name of the bidder. The Financial Proposal shall be endorsed: Confidential.

The full package shall be labelled: Tender Documents for Special Tender No. 1/SCP/2020 for “School Construction Programme” followed by name of contractor and addressed to the Chairman of the Special Tendering Committee. The cover of the main package shall also include a photocopy of the Bid Security.

The Employer will not be responsible for lost and/or undelivered documents sent by mail, courier or similar means.

Bidders are required to complete and submit the Tender Documents listed under Instructions to Bidders – ITB 11 in an original, one copy and one soft copy (PDF). Bids must be submitted in accordance with the Tender Documents, before 11:00 hours, Jordan local time to the MPWH, at the address shown above. No Bids shall be accepted after this time. Submission and bids opening dates are shown in above table.

The First Public Sessions will take place at 12:00 hours on the same days of Tender Submission as per above table. Envelopes 1 and 2, the Bid Security and Qualification Documents, will be publicly opened in the presence of the Bidders or their representatives. Bidders may be asked to participate remotely.

8- Responsiveness Criteria: The bid security and Qualification Documents that shall be examined for completeness and fulfilment of the responsiveness of criteria specified in ITB 26.1 are as follows:

Responsiveness Criteria

  1. Bid Guarantee
  1. Declaration of Undertaking (ITB 11.1 (a) (ii))
  1. Financial Capability Statements and supporting documentation (ITB 11.1 (a) (iii); Section IV, Form FIN-3.1)
  1. Letter of Qualification (ITB 11.1 (a)(i)
  1. Power(s) of Attorney authorizing the representative of the Bidder (ITB 11.1 (a)(i)
  1. If the Bidder is an association, either proof of the existing Association Agreement or a Declaration of Association (ITB 11.1 (a) (iii))

The qualification will be later evaluated according to the criteria specified under ITB 26.

During to the Second Public Session, those Bidders who have been qualified will be informed by the Employer of the date, time and place of the second public session for the opening of the qualified Bids. Bidders may be allowed to participate remotely. Only the Bids of those Bidders who have fulfilled the qualification criteria will be opened in the second public session, while the rest shall be returned to disqualified bidders unopened.

9- COVID-19 Health and Safety Precautions: In order to comply with COVID-19 Health and Safety precautions, all Site Visits, Pre-Bid Meetings and Public Sessions shall be conducted strictly in accordance with Government of Jordan and KfW guidelines. The use of face mask and social distance is mandatory. Note for Pre-Bid Meetings and Public Sessions Bidders may be asked to participate remotely only.

10 – Taxes and Customs: The Project is tax exempted. If tax exemption should not apply, the responsible line Ministry of Education will be responsible for the payment of taxes.

11- General Notes: The Employer’s STC (Special Tendering Committee) has the right to cancel the tender without giving reasons and without incurring any financial or legal liabilities to Bidders.

Issuance of this Invitation to Tender does not in any way obligate the Government of Jordan or KfW to award a contract nor does it commit the Government of Jordan or KfW to pay for the cost incurred in preparation and submission of this Tender.

12- His Excellency the Minister of Public Works and Housing is the authorized signatory for these contracts. Awarding of any tender package requires compliance with all KfW procurement requirements specified in the Tender Documents and subject to KfW review and non-objection.

End of Invitation to Tender


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